Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is the third Nintendo DS game in the Castlevania series. Players take on the role of Shanoa, a member of the Order of Ecclesia. Beating the game for the first time will unlock new modes. A bat will appear next to your save file which you can select to start a new game. Everything carries. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia walkthrough part 2. mode, and I’d also like to see a decent guide for the Large Cavern and Training Hall.

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If you stand under his arms, he will either stab downward or drop to fire arrows.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Guide | GamesRadar+

When he roder back away. When he fires arrows, attack the crossbow, you can deflect the arrows. Repeat until the crossbow is destroyed then begin attacking castlevznia front knees. When the oder break, he will kick up. Run under and wait for him to jump at which point you run to his rear. Begin attacking his rear knees avoiding the occasional kick and tail stab, both are easy to spot. When he drops, again, destroy the crossbow. Finally, drop him once more and climb onto his back.

Begin attacking ecflesia eye. He does three methods of attack: Continue until he dies. If you fall off just repeat the process to get to his back.

This is for those wishing to take this boss down while trying to earn his medal. Follow the steps as anonymous has pointed out. But to score big dmg on this guy use Melio Macir on both hands paired up with Vis Fio for an extra boost in damage. For rings use the death ring along with the moon ring for a massive stat boost. Last but not least equip armor that boosts your Str ex.

Have around Hearts for this fight because by the time you get ecxlesia this guy’s head you will want to burn all of your combination attacks. Hope this helps and good luck.

Yes this helps alot, this is quite an advance tactic here. This is an awesome guide. By the way guys,any advice on how to make easy money?

WALKTHROUGH – Guide for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

I remember I saw castlevanla video somewhere else that indicates an easy trick to be done aT Timeo mountains but I forgot it. Hey man, thanks for creating this walkthrough. I’ve just reached Dracula’s Castle. I would also like to know how to get easy money, I have a ring where it can temporary increase coins from defeated enemies but still haven’t really use that yet.

Can’t wait the new updates.

BradyGames Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide

For the easy money trick, find the LEFT warp point of Tymeo Mountains, there’s a torch just outside of the warp room, jump and stomp on that torch will spring you to the upper screen, do the same thing again when the screen change. So that torch will appear again and again. Needless to say you must get the Gold Ring x2 rare chest in Kalidus Channel and Inire Percunia in Tristis Pass to boost up the golds drop from the torch.


I think the video you mention is here: Another question, how can I easily farm glyphs from enemies? Is there any accesories or items I can use to increase the probability for the glyphs to appear? So far what I know, there’s nothing can increase the probabillity for glyph appearance. Just got the Glypj you mentioned I use the lucky pin or wathever you call it the one that costs the estore and I keep killing enemies of the same kind of the glyph I want to obtain You mean Lucky Clover right?

I have those equiped but still not able to absorb some of the glyphs like the ‘flying sword’ enemy in dracula’s castle Hmm just a thought from your ideas, what about Fortune Ring? Obtain by destroying all the spikes in the Dark Room of Mystery Manor Since it raises Luck based on your playtime, guode keep your NDS overnight or something to make your playtime longer. Very very good tutorial How do I get Irina, after the waterfall had melted, I cant climbed the steps up anymore.

Can anyone help me. Antoine, you can still ordfr the cliff edges at the tristas pass water fall after it has melted. The way i did it was stand inbetween the water fall and the ledges. With shanoa facing the roder falljump and and you should be able to do a double jump and land on the ledge you want.

There is another way eclesia get the Cubus Glyph is by using Vol luminatio and Vol Umbra then absorb it fast. This Union uses 50 hearts. Great resource but there are no hints for the Large Cavern or Training Hall. Also still haven’t found the gold ring x2 yet. It’s a bit cheap, and it’s more fun to fight them normally, but it works. Each hit does about damage if your level is fair.

Fly at head height to hit him when he appears with two shots, then fly a bit above his head, then repeating. As long as you are flying at head height, and do not get too close before he begins to attack if you get castlevaniq close he will use a short range melee attackhe will only ever use the flames-up-from-floor attack, which is easily bypassed by flying towards and over castlevabia at top speed when he uses it.

Ecclezia you have dealt a certain amount of damage, and he turns sideways, use the aforementioned Union tactic until he talks to you – then simply use the Dominus Strike before he kills you with his Uber-Blast. This ordwr also gets you the Dracula Medal. For Jiang-Shi, just use the Union tactic. Be careful not to hit him afterwards as he stands still, or he will come alive again!

Should only take a little while. After beating Albus I went to talk to Barlowe and got stuck in the room. He keeps saying something and I’m unable to oeder the room. Am I supposed to break the red flashing statue and if so how? I’ve been unable to find what to do in any walkthroughs! Pneuma Gylph is too dificult to take. I wanna to suggest this video tutorial to help other users that have the same problem i have. My two sons 7 and 9 years have been playing and your tips have proven invaluable when they’ve gotten stuck.


Both are ripping through Albus Mode now, thanks to you. I’ve started playing myself, nearly through on normal mode, and I’d also like to see a decent guide for the Large Cavern and Training Hall There doesn’t seem to be anything about them on the web.

Ecclesla it will just be a normal chest, so finding two can require several visits. Using the bounce trick on Tymeo Mountains, I grabbed about three million gold in one sitting. Adam, you got the uhh “bad” ending because you have not yet rescues all the villagers yet there are like 11 in all althou you may have worked this out since.

Even if a really long time has passed since guude last comment, this site remains extremely useful. Equip Melio Falcis and Vol Luminato. Don’t try to jump over him because he’ll toss you away with his cloak, and if you dare to fly, Dracula will instantly use Fire Pillars which hit you twice and deal a lot of damage!

Hatred, get close to him and crouch: Very annoying but they should go down with 1 hit from your scythe. Keep moving to dodge them, but try not to slide since you’ll eventually stop becoming an easy target. Oct 27, Orcer Order cawtlevania Ecclesia – Walkthrough 2.

Order of Ecclesia walkthrough part 2. Now double jump will oredr you to the right side where the broken ladder is. Then go to the top for the glyph by using the magnetic fields. Once you reach there, you have to stick with the magnetic field because the wind can blow your down.

To absorb this glyph, swing castlevajia to the right end of the floor without dropping and immediately press UP to absorb the glyph, you should able to get this Pneuma glyph before the wind blow you down at the left gap.

While going up, you can find a secret spot just below before the exit. Break the wall on the right to get a Ruby. Above the save room, the other exit of the map is located at irder side. Before that, head to left and run down the mountain.

Then go right through the path below castllevania mountain. Follow this path until the end, now crouch in the end of the path to find the treasure, Emperor Ring. You will find the Fire Demon at the middle of the mountain. As you can see a glyph appears while the Fire Demon start casting the fire spell.

Once you see the glyph appears, absorb it before it gone, which is the Ignis glyph. Make your way to the second floor where the first save room is.

Needless to say, defeat that Bone Scimitar first before anything. What you can do is destroy a large amount of the stones in once and then absorb the glyph before the stones cover the glyph again. And this is why I want you to get Ignis glyph before.