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View and Download Casio Exilim EX-Z70 user manual online. Casio Exilim EX- Z Users Guide. Exilim EX-Z70 Digital Camera pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Casio EXILM EX-Z We have 2 Casio EXILM EX- Z70 manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual. The Casio Exilim EX-Z70 is the successor to the Z There are no manual modes on the camera, as is typical of this cameras target market.

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If something is missing, contact your manul as soon as possible. Specifying an Image for the Startup Screen The CCD provides 7. This means that less than 0. Simply select one of a collection of built-in sample scenes strong enough, so images are better illuminated. DPOF can also be used A simple operation corrects for keystoning, which occurs when specifying images and quantities for printing by when e-z70 record the image of a blackboard or poster from professional print services.

High-voltage internal components create the risk of electric shock when exposed.

Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z Digital Photography Review

Before using the camera to record important images, make only make storage of the current image impossible, it can sure you first record a number of test images and check the also corrupt other image data already stored in file results to ensure that the camera is configured correctly memory.

Leave it in the plastic bag until the air inside the bag has a I Lens chance to reach the same temperature as the new location. If the flash becomes dirty, wipe it clean I Other with a soft, dry cloth. This soft, dry cloth.

Load the battery into the camera Place the camera onto the USB cradle to charge the page Press casil power button to turn on the camera. See page 47 for details. Using a memory card provides more capacity you can use to store more images, high-quality and large-size images, and longer movies. Press [ ] Use [ ] and [ ] to scroll through the Use [ ] and [ ] to display the image you want to images. Other USB cradles are not supported.

They do not exactly match the screen contents actually produced on the camera. Image quality display an image that was recorded using a different Auto page High Quality digital camera model. You cannot turn off the monitor screen for any other recording function. Slide the battery cover in the direction indicated by the arrow, and then swing it Arrow marks open. Use of any other type of battery is not supported. The battery is janual fully charged when you use the AC Adaptor camera for the first time after purchasing it.

Turn off the camera. This means the AC adaptor can be monitor screen used in various countries around the world. Perform the following steps. Doing so creates the risk of electric adaptor. Doing so creates the risk of fire.

To enter this mode at Press this button to turn on the camera: Use [ ] and [ ] to change the currently — While playing back a movie selected setting, and then press [SET]. Use [ ] to move back up to step 3. To display the date like this: Change the setting at the current Press [ ] and [ ]. Toggle between hour and Press [BS]. Recording an Image Flash The Recording an Image operation sound and other sounds can become Your camera automatically adjusts shutter speed in difficult to hear if you cover the speaker with your accordance with the brightness of the subject.


This should cause the auto recording icon to appear. Digital zoom digitally enlarges the part of the image at the Digital zoom indicator In the REC mode, center of the image screen. The range of digital zoom is 3X hold the zoom to 12X in combination with optical zoom Image Size: The range in which you can use digital zoom without image deterioration is indicated 3X to I About Red-eye Reduction Using the flash to record at night or in a dimly lit room can cause red spots inside the eyes of people who are in the image.

This happens because the light from the flash Flash Unit Status Note the following important points when using red- You can find out the current flash unit status by pressing eye reduction.


The flash may not fire at all when the subject is brightly lit. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated once more to record to appear on the the third image. You can select an image size to suit your needs for greater detail or smaller file manuwl. Use a Compressing an image before storage can cause a larger setting when you want to print at a higher deterioration of its quality.

This means that the remaining image capacity noted on the monitor screen may not be exactly accurate pages 27, Use [ ] and [ ] to select the setting you want, and then press [SET].

The following shows the approximate focus range in the Macro mode. Use this mode With the Manual Focus mode, you can adjust the focus of when recording scenery and other faraway images. The following shows focus range in the Manual Focus casko. Focus out on the subject Press [ ]. The normal image will reappear a short while later.

Increases the EV value. The wavelengths of the light produced by various light Press the shutter button to record the image. Manual white balance lets you screen.

Casio Exilim EX-Z70 User Manual

Release the shutter button to stop recording. Shooting stops if you release the the first image. The same settings are applied to all shutter button before three images are recorded.

Scrolling past the last or the first scene scrolls to the next screen of sample scenes. If this happens, use a tripod scene, and then press [SET].

Recording a business card, document, whiteboard, mahual documents similarly shaped object from an angle can cause the subject to appear misshaped in the resulting image.

Business Shot automatically corrects the shape of rectangular objects to make them appear like the camera was positioned directly in front of them. However, you can use optical zoom. Image quality is expressed as image size in pixels. A can select a resolution setting to suit your needs.

  AFPD 91-2 PDF

Recording on your computer using Windows Media green as recording is performed. See page for information about See page for more Using the Histogram G greenand B blue components is also displayed. You can use [ ] DISP to display a histogram maual the This histogram can be used to determine whether there is monitor screen page The histogram lets you check too much or too little of each of the color components in exposure conditions as you record images.

After you configure the [ ] and [ ] keys, you can change the setting assigned to them without going through the menu screen. Turning the On-screen Grid On and Off Turning Image Review On and Off You can display gridlines on the monitor screen to help you Image review displays the images you record on the compose images and ensure that the camera is straight monitor screen as soon as you record them.

Turning on mode memory for a mode tells the Auto camera to remember the status of that mode when you turn AF Area Spot off the camera, and restore it the next time you turn the Setting when Metering Multi camera is camera back on. Center Weighted Center weighted metering measures light concentrating on the center of the focus area.

Use [ ] and [ ] to select the setting you Use [ ] and [ ] to select the setting you want, and then press [SET]. Perform the steps below to display an audio snapshot being performed or is paused. In the PLAY mode, use [ ] and [ ] until the mannual you want is displayed. Perform the following procedure to zoom the image currently on the monitor screen up to eight times its normal Press [MENU] to caaio the image to its size.

You can resize a recorded image to one of three sizes. The file with the enlarged image. Use [ ], [ ], [ ], and [ ] to to scroll the part — Movie images and the voice recording file icon to be e-xz70 up, down, left, and right.

Use [ ], csio ], [ ], and [ ] to move the — Movie images and the voice recording file icon cropping boundary to the location you want, — Mxnual a Movie Press [ ] or [ ].

Use the following procedure to play a ex-zz70 you recorded with this camera. Return fast forward or fast reverse movie playback to normal Press [SET]. While the movie is playing, press [SET]. Scroll paused playback one Press [ ] or [ ]. A slideshow automatically plays back images manuxl sequence camera. Use [ ], [ ], [ ], and [ ] to move the selection boundary caso the date you want, and then press [SET].

To stop the manaul, press [SET]. Use the following procedure to rotate the image 90 degrees then press [SET]. Once you delete a file, it is gone. Folder names are names.

Name of the th folder. Use [ ] and [ ] to specify the volume setting then press [ ].