Download drivers, software, firmware and manuals for your Canon product and get access to online technical support resources Canon PowerShot A IS. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. View and Download Canon PowerShot A IS user manual online. Canon User Guide Digital Camera PowerShot A IS. PowerShot A IS Digital Camera.

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Connect the camera Install the software. Use your browser program to download these manuals from the following URL: It also lists the computer system configurations required to use the software. If you are using another version of these operating systems, the actual screen contents and procedures may vary slightly from those shown. Install the software on the computer Windows p.

Connect the camera to the computer Precautions for Connecting the Camera to the Computer p. Download images to the computer Windows p. It contains the following programs. Read this material before you connect the camera to the computer. If the [User Account Control] window appears, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

If the installer panel does not appear automatically, use the following procedures. The USB driver the software for connecting is required when the camera is connected to the computer with an interface cable. Using the Software on the Windows Platform — Preparations When the installation is over, select [Restart computer immediately Recommended ] and click [Restart]. If there is no need to restart the computer, the [Finish] screen will display. The USB driver will automatically finish installing onto the computer when you attach the camera and open a connection.

Dialogs similar to the following will appear during this process first time the camera is connected to a computer only. Read this chapter after completing the preparations in the Using the Software on the Windows — Different programs may display according to your computer setup. The Camera Control Window will display. You can adjust the settings, such as the type of image downloaded and the destination folder, by clicking [Preferences]. Select Images] is selected, select images. You can select multiple images by holding the [Ctrl] down while clicking on successive images.

The background of selected images changes to blue.

This chapter explained the ZoomBrowser EX basics. Once you have mastered them, try the advanced techniques. It provides further information about the program’s features and procedures.

The images in the selected folder display in the Browser Area. If you select a network drive in advance with Windows Explorer, you can display network folders, but you cannot add, change or delete those folders in the Browser Area. Zoom Mode Displays all the images in a folder as thumbnail images.


This mode is convenient for iw for images since many can be displayed at once. Edit Menu You can edit, eliminating red eyes, adjusting colors and brightness, cropping and inputting titles. You can Shooting also use it to start up other programs Synchronize Button The Properties Window does not display in the Preview Mode. Shows or hides categories.

Plays a sound memo attached to an image. Protect Prevents an image from being File Name Some functions may not be available with certain camera models. Check your Camera User Guide to see if your model supports them. Edit Edit Image Allows you to perform image editing, such as cropping, image mabual and red-eye correction. You can also use it to start other image editing programs.

Stitch Photos Merges multiple images and creates a single large panoramic image p. Edit Powersht Edits movies or still images strung together. You can print powreshot prints easily. Index Print Lines up small versions of the images in rows and vanon. Print Using Other Software Select the software to use and then print. Replaying Movies QuickTime is required to play and edit movies on ,anual Windows platform. The Viewer Window will open and play the movie.

You can save the displayed scene as a still image by clicking here. Operating the Shutter Remotely Remote Shooting You can record still images by using iw computer to control the shutter of a connected camera. The device performance cannot be guaranteed if the computer enters the standby mode. Click and check the subject in the viewfinder. Change the image size or resolution, the rotation settings and the settings at the bottom of the window as required. PhotoStitch automatically detects the overlapping areas of adjacent images and corrects for the size and orientation.

Check your Camera User Guide to see if your model supports it. The start-up image, start-up sound, shutter sound, operation sound, and self-timer sound are called the My Camera settings.

You can check these items with the My Camera window.

Canon PowerShot A570IS – PowerShot A570 IS Digital Camera Software Starter Manual

Tabs Click here to switch between adjusting the settings individually or in themed sets. Play Button Plays the audio from the settings file in the Once you have saved the file, click and close the My Camera Maker window. You have now succeeded in adding the file as a settings file to the computer.

To connect to the camera, click [Connect to Camera].

Canon PowerShot A570 IS User Manual

You can add the settings files you just added to the computer to the camera using the same procedures as in Saving the My Camera Settings to the Camera p. This chapter explains the basic procedures for installing the software. Read this material before you connect the camera to the computer for the first time.


Select [Easy Installation] and click [Next]. Select [Custom Installation] to select programs individually for installation. Click [Agree] if you agree to all of the terms of the software license agreement.

Review the installation settings and click [Next]. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation. Using the Software on the Macintosh Platform — The Basics This chapter explains the procedures for using ImageBrowser to download the camera’s images to the computer and print them.

Read this chapter after completing the preparations in the Using the Software on the — Download the images using the camera or the computer. By default, the downloaded images are saved into the [Pictures] folder.

Camera Control Window You can adjust the settings, such as the type of image downloaded and the destination folder, by clicking [Preferences]. Click [Starts to download images]. This section explains the One Photo per page Print method. Movies cannot be printed, but you can print stills after they have been extracted from movies and saved to files.

Canon Digital Camera A IS User Guide |

Set the categories as you feel necessary. Selects options such as the paper size and orientation when you click [Page Setup]. Configures the auto trimming function. Proceed to this chapter once you have mastered the basic ImageBrowser procedures in the — Using the Software on the Macintosh Platform The Basics chapter. You are recommended to register a folder that you use frequently as one of the Favorite Folders. Preview This mode displays the image at a larger size as well as the image information.

List Displays the images in the folder selected in the Explorer Panel section in rows and columns. Zoom Changes the image zoom setting. The File Information Window does not display in the Preview display mode. Star Rating Sets the rating for an image.

Print One Photo cann page Print Prints one image per page p. Layout Print Allows you to freely arrange multiple images on a single page and print. You can also insert captions and titles. The movie will appear in the Viewer Window. Movie icon Click the button. You can control the movie’s playback and sound volume. The device performance cannot manua guaranteed if the computer enters the sleep mode.

Save to Computer Plays the audio from the settings file in the Start by using an image editing program to create the image file that will become the start-up image and save it manuap the computer. This explanation uses ZoomBrowser EX to demonstrate how to uninstall a program. You can remove other programs with the same procedures. The uninstall utility will start and remove