Manual de instrucciones del aparato Canon PowerShot A Base de manuales de instrucciones online. View and Download Canon PowerShot A user manual online. Canon User’s Guide Digital Camera PowerShot A,PowerShot A PowerShot A Manuals and User Guides for Canon PowerShot A We have 9 Canon PowerShot A manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Manual.

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Table of Contents Items marked with are lists or charts that summarize camera functions or procedures. Read This First Please Read Setting the Shutter Speed Warning Against Copyright Infringement Please note that Canon digital cameras are intended for personal use and should never be used in a manner that infringes upon or mqnual international or domestic copyright laws and regulations.

Camera Body Temperature If your camera is used for powerxhot periods, the camera body may become warm. Please be aware of this and take care when operating the camera for an extended period. Read This First Safety Precautions Before using the camera, please ensure that you read and understand the safety precautions described below.

Always ensure that the camera is operated correctly. The safety precautions noted on the following pages are intended to instruct you in the safe and correct operation of the camera and its accessories to prevent injuries or damage to yourself, other persons and equipment.

Confirm that smoke or fume emissions have ceased. Stop operating the equipment if it is dropped or the casing is damaged.

Failure to do so may result in fire or electrical shock. Manuwl This First Remove the power cord on a regular periodic basis and wipe away the dust and dirt that collects powersnot the plug, the exterior of the power outlet and the surrounding area.

Manual de instrucciones de Canon PowerShot A – – Soluciona tus problemas

In dusty, humid or greasy environments, the dust that collects around the plug over long periods of time may become saturated with humidity and short-circuit, leading to fire.

Use of another charger may cause batteries to overheat or deform, posing risk of fire or electric shock.

Exposure to intense sunlight and heat may cause the batteries to leak, overheat or explode, xanon in fire, burns or other injuries. High temperatures may also cause deformation of the casing. Read Powsrshot First Preventing Malfunctions Avoid Strong Magnetic Fields Never place the camera in close proximity to electric motors or other equipment generating strong electromagnetic fields.

Exposure to strong magnetic fields may cause malfunctions or corrupt image data. Avoid Condensation Manula Problems Moving the equipment rapidly between hot and cold temperatures may cause condensation water droplets to form on its external and internal surfaces.

Please refer to the System Map or the Direct Print User Guide supplied with the camera for direct print compatible printer information. Auto The camera automatically selects settings. Image Zone Image Zone The camera automatically selects settings according to the image composition type. Be sure that the camera power is off.

Canon PowerShot A510 User Manual

Slide the battery cover lock in the direction of the arrow, and open the cover. Since the performance of alkaline batteries may differ according to brand, the operating WARNING Never use damaged batteries or batteries whose outer seal is completely or partially missing or peeled off, as there is risk that such batteries may leak, overheat, or burst.

  AGMA 420.04 PDF

Always check the seals on store-bought batteries before loading them, as some batteries may come with defective seals. Slide the memory powefshot slot cover in the direction of the arrow, and open it. Insert the memory card.

Push the memory card in until it clicks into place. When the upper indicator blinks green, the camera is writing, reading, erasing or transmitting powerhsot image to or from the memory card.

Canon PowerShot A510 Digital Camera User Manual

Do not perform the following or image data may ;owershot lost or corrupted: If the camera does not work properly, the inserted memory card may be malfunctioning.

Reformatting the memory card may solve the problem. When a non-Canon brand memory card is malfunctioning, reformatting it may solve the problem. Memory cards formatted in another camera, computer or peripheral device may not operate correctly. Memory Card Handling Precautions Powetshot cards posershot high-precision electronic devices. Do not bend them, apply force to them, or subject them to shocks or vibration. Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the memory card. Do not allow dirt, water or foreign objects to contact the terminals on the back of the card.

Start from Step to set the date and time. Turn the power on p. Press the MENU button and select the [ Select Language using the button opwershot press the SET button. Each mode of the SCN mode icon appears p. Preparing the Camera A slow shutter speed has likely been selected because of insufficient lighting if the upper indicator blinks orange after the metering preparations are complete and the camera shake icon displays in the LCD monitor.

Set the flash toor affix the camera to a tripod to shoot.

Digital Cameras – Canon PowerShot A Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Please note that image information recorded by this camera may not display correctly on other cameras and image information recorded by other cameras may not display correctly on this camera. About the Histogram The histogram is a graph that allows you to judge the brightness of the shot pkwershot. Power Saving Function This camera is equipped with a power saving function.

Depending on the power powerahot setting, the camera may power down or the LCD monitor may go off automatically.

Auto Power Down [On]: Powers down approximately 3 minutes after the last time a camera control is accessed. This is convenient when you wish to shoot again after checking or erasing an image immediately after it is shot.

Shooting Mode Playback Mode The lens does not retract for approximately The shutter button has a two-stage action. Two beeps will sound when the camera has finished metering, and the upper indicator will light green or orange.

The lower indicator will blink yellow and the beep will sound one time if the subject is difficult to focus on.

Compose the image so that the subject appears in the center of the frame in the viewfinder autofocus range. Viewfinder window Shows approximate center of the image Shooting — The Basics AF-assist Beam The AF-assist beam will sometimes emit when the shutter button is pressed halfway to assist focusing in certain conditions, i. The AF-assist beam can be turned off p.

For example, if animals are your subject, turn off the beam when shooting in the dark to avoid startling them. Changing the Image Display Duration The image review time can be set to [Off], any time in the range of 3 to 10 seconds, or [Hold]. Press the MENU button. Select Review using the button. Select a duration setting using the button and press the Shooting — The Basics Using the Mode Dial Image Zone Settings fitting the shooting conditions of your subject can easily be set using the shooting mode dial.


Portrait Use this mode to shoot movies. Sound is also recorded simultaneously p. Use this mode when you want the subject to appear sharp and the background Turn the shooting mode dial and set the icon of the mode you wish to use to Shooting procedures are the same as for the mode p.

Shooting Modes Always use a tripod to prevent camera shake. See page for settings that can be changed in each mode. PowerShot A Select the Excluding resolution you wish to set using button.

Number of recordable images Only displayed when the resolution or compression is selected Press the SET button. Use the flash according to the guidelines below. The flash fires automatically as Auto with required by the lighting level, red-eye and the red-eye reduction lamp reduction fires each time the main flash fires.

When shooting in any mode other than M mode, the flash fires with automatic adjustments. The flash fires twice. A pre-flash will fire and will be followed by the main flash. Shooting — The Basics Red-eye Reduction For this mode to be effective, the subject must be looking right at the red-eye reduction lamp. Try asking them to look directly at the lamp. Even better results can be obtained by shooting with the lens set to a wide angle, increasing the lighting in indoor settings or approaching closer to the subject.

The lower indicator will light yellow when the shutter button is pressed halfway. Shooting procedures are the same as for the Mode p.

Always use the LCD monitor to compose images in macro mode. Shooting with the viewfinder is possible, however, part of the image may not appear in the actual shot p. Shooting — The Basics When is selected, pressing the SET button will allow you to set the start time 0 to 10 seconds and the number of shots 1 to 10 shots.

Select the setting item using the button and change its value using the button. Images can be zoomed with the combined optical and digital zoom functions as follows.

The figures will vary depending on the subject and shooting conditions. Shooting Panoramic Images Stitch Assist Stitch Assist can be used to shoot overlapping images that can later be merged stitched to create one panoramic image on a computer.

To merge the images on a computer, use PhotoStitch, one of the supplied software programs. Shooting — The Basics To shoot landscapes, swivel pan the camera around its own vertical axis.

To shoot close-ups, slide the camera over the subject, keeping it parallel to mxnual subject as you move it. Shooting Images can be shot in the following 2 sequences in Stitch Assist mode. A custom white balance setting p.