Modelado de Requisitos de Calidad de Datos en Ingeniería Web. Agil_MANTEMA: Una Metodología de Mantenimiento de Software para Pequeñas . de la Elicitación de Requisitos en el Contexto del Desarrollo Global del Software. Henry, S., Kafura, S.: Software Structure Metrics Based on Information Flow. Piattini, M., García, F.O.: Calidad en el desarrollo y mantenimiento de software, 1st. Piattini, M., García, R.: Calidad En el Desarrollo y Mantenimiento del Software, Alfaomega Grupo () 2. Garzás, J., Fernández, C., Piattini, M.: Una aplicación .

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University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

A systematic mapping study about desarrollo congruence. Interactions between environmental sustainability goals and software product quality: Journal of Systems and Software Software Refactoring for System Modernization. IEEE Software 35 6: From big data to smart data: SerranoMario Piattini: Towards a service architecture for master data exchange based on ISO with support to process large datasets. A framework for gamification in software engineering.

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A research framework for building SPI proposals in small organizations: Software Quality Journal 24 3: Indicators for Green in IT Audits: A case study on assessing the organizational maturity of data management, data quality management and data governance by means of MAMD. GascaMario Piattini: Extending process-aware information systems to support data quality in PAIS life-cycle. CarreteroIsmael CaballeroMario Piattini: The making of an OMG standard.


Visualisation environment for global software development management. IET Software piartini 2: BrisaboaMario Piattini: Gamification in software engineering – A systematic mapping. A Pairwise algorithm with constRaints, Order and Weight.

dblp: Mario Piattini

Approaches to promote product quality within software process improvement initiatives: Refinamiento de un Modelo de Calidad para Juegos Serios. SerranoIsmael CaballeroMario Piattini: Applying a Serious Game Quality Model. Coral CaleroMario Piattini: Introduction to Green in Software Engineering.

Green in Software Engineering Green in Software Engineering. SpringerISBN [contents]. An integrated approach based on execution measures for the continuous improvement of business processes realized by services. Softare similarity applied to business process clustering. Evolution and Process 26 IEEE Software 31 3: Assessing event correlation in non-process-aware information systems. Software and System Modeling 13 3: Marcela GeneroJuan A. A systematic mapping study on serious game quality.

Walk before you run: Ismael CaballeroManuel A. Evaluation of a simulation platform for interaction training: Global Software Development Education: A Commercial Perspective from a Case Study. Assessment process for a paittini training environment in global software development.

A maturity model for the Spanish software industry based on ISO standards. Automated generation of test oracles using a model-driven approach. Applying Q-methodology to analyse the success factors in GSD.

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Books by Mario Piattini

Identifying Patterns and Scenarios. Process variability management in global software development: Reverse Engineering of Mantenimiiento Systems. Cruz-LemusMario Piattini: Assessing the best-order for business process model refactoring. An ontology for the harmonization of multiple standards and models. Towards an ontology for global software development. IET Software 6 3: Tools used in Global Software Engineering: A systematic mapping review. Journal of Systems and Software 85 6: Cultural and linguistic problems in GSD: Evolution and Process 24 6: A software maintenance methodology for small organizations: Evolution and Process 24 8: A case study on business process recovery using an e-government system.

A conceptual modeling quality framework. Software Quality Journal 20 1: Requirements and constructors for tailoring software processes: PinoMario PiattiniGiuseppe Visaggio: Software Quality Journal 20 2: MonasorMario Piattini: Integrating event softwwre into KDM repositories.

Model transformations for Business-IT alignment: Sofyware Computer 44 6: A standard to modernize legacy systems.

Secure business process model specification through a UML 2.

Decision Support Systems 51 3: Generating event logs from non-process-aware systems enabling business process mining. Enterprise IS 5 3: Modelling software process variability: IET Software 5 2: Process mining through dynamic analysis for modernising legacy systems. IET Software 5 3: