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Supported by advanced facilities, ddatasheet know-how, and a high level of operational technology, JFE has developed a wide range of new products which meet customer requirements for dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties and available size range. Consistent high quality JFE products consistently realize the world s highest levels of quality thanks to datasjeet integrated quality control system which extends from order dataseet through product shipment.

JFE s production system is fully computerized and boasts advanced equipment and technologies. Wide product line-up Hot rolled products are produced under various public and JFE standards, and include the full line-up from general use to high strength steel.

Regarding surface of products, JFE supplies non-pickled and pickled products. Wide size range and superior dimensional accuracy With a 5-mill production system, JFE produces a wide range of hot strip sizes, including thickness from 1.

Advanced production technologies ensure high dimensional accuracy. Outstanding technical servicing system JFE works closely with customers in selecting the optimum material for the user s application, and advises customers on production methods, considering property requirements.

The company also cooperates in pre-use trials and provides technical ddatasheet and follow-up on quality information. The new facility features high accuracy cooling rate control and improves uniformity of material quality such as high strength, high toughness, stable weldability and formability.

C Datasheet, C PDF, Pinouts, Circuit – Toshiba

Having superior strength and weldability, it is applicable to architecture, bridge, ship, rolling stock body, oil holder and other structures. Having strength and press formability, it is applied to automobile c255, wheel and other parts.

Having corrosion resistance with strength and weldability, it is applied to bridge, architecture and other structures. Pressure vessel and high pressure equipment used except at high and low temperature.

Welded containers for high pressure gas holder of volume less than 5 l for LPG, acetylene and propane gases. Having superior atmospheric corrosion resistance, it is applied to rolling stock body, architecture, steel tower and other structures.

General steels used for general forming, deep drawing. Welded pipes with low and high frequency welding. Having superior workability of high strength steels, it is applied to automobiles. G Rolled steels for building structure SN Hot rolled steels for architecture structures. Chromium steels for machinery structure produced by datasneet process and used with forging, shaving and with heat treatment.

Chromium molybdenum steels for machinery structure produced by hot process and used with forging, shaving and with heat treatment. G Carbon tool steels SK Carbon tools steel made by hot rolling and forging.

Various types of hot rolled steels are available. Because of good formability same as cold rolled one, press formability is improved. Low carbon steel is suitable to extra deep drawing parts like compressor chambers. High corrosion resistance against seawater splashes. It is applicable to port facilities, quays, off shore structures.


High corrosion resistance to sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. It is suitable to equipments exposed to sulfuric corrosion atmosphere. Also it has superior atmospheric corrosion resistance, formability and weldability. With good formability at room temperature. ratasheet

C2555 Datasheet PDF – Toshiba

It has superior anti-oxidation and strength under high temperature atmosphere. It can be applied datashewt boiler skin casing, chimney, duct and other parts which need heat proof property. Steel aiming good flatness and appearance. Having superior surface appearance and shape, it is suitable to application needs good shape and fine appearance as exposed parts.

Both-side porcelain enameling is possible. It has also superior porcelain properties like anti-fish tail, adhesionability and anti-strain during baking.

Specifying tensile strength levels. It is used as rolled. It has superior formability and weldability. It contributes to weight saving by inducing higher strength.

Restore of a nice Donkey Kong – COMPLETE

With simple and beautiful stripe patterns, it has good anti-slip and good water-cut property with good weldability and formability. JFE-HCUP 17 Having superior atmospheric corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, it has also sufficient strength, weldability and formability for structural uses.

Stabilized rust after datashfet years has no progress. It is applied to exposed parts of buildings.

F2555, characteristics and application G Alloy tool steels SKS Alloy tools steel made by hot rolling and forging. Available product size comes to negotiation. The values in parentheses are reference values. BHT means the increase in tensile strength during the baking process. The YR means the ratio of the yield point to the tensile strength. Rolling or Transverse in the column of ing Direction indicates test piece taken for the tensile test in the rolling or transverse to the rolling.

This is suitable for deep drawing parts such as a compressor chamber. Characteristics JFE-MARIN offers superior weldability and toughness as a structural material for welding, combined with excellent corrosion resistance.

The synergistic effects of alloying elements provide corrosion resistance not only in sea water, but also at the splash line, which is most susceptible to seawater corrosion. Suitable for port and harbor facilities, quays, and offshore structures. The bend test is available depending on a demand. Datassheet G is applied. Available product size range Available product size comes to negotiation. Main applications include air preheaters for oil boilers, chimneys, and incinerators.

Suitable for applications which require heat resistance and formability, such as boiler skin casings, chimneys, and ducts. Other special elements are included. It has superior attractive appearance and strip shape. It is suitable for application datashret require good shape and appearance as exposed parts. Mainly considered on the sulfuric acid corrosion. Considered on the strength in comparatively high temperature atmosphere.

Details come to negotiation. Also has superior formability and weldability. High strength contributes to weight reduction. It is possible to apply both-side porcelain enameling and it has superior anti-fish tail property, excellent adhesionability, and less distortion during baking. Superior anti-fish tail property 2.


Less distortion and residual strain during baking 4. The strength level comes to negotiation. Both have an attractive design and good anti-slip and water draining properties, combined with excellent dimensional accuracy, weldability, and formability. Suitable for floors, stairs, and landings, and for rolling stock bodies. Attractive stripe pattern 2. Excellent anti-slip property 3. Excellent water draining property 4.

The figures in the parentheses are the reference values. Superior atmospheric corrosion resistance and general corrosion resistance, xatasheet with adequate strength, weldability, and formability for structural applications. Rust stabilizes and does not progress after approximately 2 years. Suitable for exposed parts of buildings and structures.

Strip thickness thicker than 13 comes to ddatasheet. Size outside the available range is subject to negotiation. Available size for cut-length sheets or slit coil is also subject to negotiation Strip width As there may be minor changes of the available product size daasheet according to standard, application and method of working, contact and negotiation will be welcomed.

Available size for cut-length sheets or slit coil is also subject to negotiation. As there may be minor changes of the available product size range according to standard, application and method of working, contact and negotiation will be welcomed.

C2555 Datasheet PDF – Mospec

The thickness shall be measured at any point on the steel sheet and coil not less than 2 from a side edge. For the steel sheet and coil under 4 in width, measurement shall be made at the mid width there of. The value specified in Table shall not be applied datashee to the irregular portions of both ends of the steel coil.

The tolerances on the thickness of the steel sheet which is not manufactured from the steel coil may be agreed between the purchaser and supplier. Either plus or minus side of the thickness tolerances given in Table may be limited on request. The total tolerances in this dattasheet shall be equal to those given in Table.

For the cut edge steel strip 3 or over in width and cut lengths therefrom, measurement shall be made at any point no less than 15from a side edge, and on the center line for those less than 3 in width. The thickness shall be measured at any point not less than 2 inside from a side edge of the steel strip. For the steel strip under 4 in width, measurement shall be made at the mid width of the steel strip.

The value specified in C2555 shall not be applied to the irregular portions of both ends of the steel strip. For the mill edge steel strip less than 4 in width than cut lengths therefrom, the width tolerance on minus side may be limited to zero. In this case, the tolerance on plus side shall be twice the values given in Table.