Divided into three separate sections, C & Data Structures covers C programming, as well as the implementation of data structures and an analysis of advanced. C & Data Structures (With Cd). Front Cover. Prof. P.S. Deshpande, Prof. O.G. Kakde. Dreamtech Press, Jul 15, – pages. Title. C &​ data structures /​ P.S. Deshpande, O.G. Kakde. Also Titled. C and data structures. Author. Deshpande, P. S.. Other Authors. Kakde, O. G.. Published .

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C and Data Structures

Skip to content Skip to search. Home All editions This editionEnglish, Book edition: Charles River Media, c Language English View all editions Prev Next edition 3 of 5. Other Authors Kakde, O.

Physical Description xv, p. C Language Chapter 1: Data types 22 The Built-in data types in C 23 Various data types in C 24 The Integer data type family 25 Overflow in char and unsigned char data types 27 The char type 28 Octal number 29 Hexadecimal amd 29 Representation of floating-point numbers 29 Type conversion deshpqnde Forced conversion 33 Type Casting 34 Chapter 3: Deshoande printf Function 60 printf 61 Place holders 62 Chapter 6: Address and Pointers 66 Address 67 Pointer 68 Chapter 7: The scanf Function 70 scanf 71 The scanf place holders 72 Chapter 8: Preprocessing 74 Preprocessor 75 undef 76 ifdef 76 ifndef 78 if 79 ifelse 80 ifelif 81 Error directive 82 line 83 Macro 84 Macro and o.gkakde 85 Chapter 9: Arrays 86 Array 87 Address of each element in array 88 Accessing Array by using pointers 89 Manipulating Array by using pointers 90 Another case of Manipulating Array by using pointers 92 Two-dimensional array 93 Three-dimensional array 95 Pointer arrays 97 Chapter Function 99 Function The Concept of stack The Sequence of execution during a function call Method of parameter passing Call by Reference The Concept of global variable Resolving variable references Syntax of function definiton Calling a Function Chapter Strings String as oo.g.kakde array of characters String Definition String as parameters Chapter Union Union Chapter Data structures Chapter 1: Arrays, Searching and Sorting Array Manipulations on the list implemented using an array Merging of two sorted lists Transpose of a matrix Finding the saddle point of a anr Implementation of Heap Sorting and deshpxnde Bubble sort Quick Sort merge sort Heap Sort Searching Techniques, Linear or Sequential search Binary search Hashing Exercise Chapter 2: Linked List The Concept of Linked list Inserting node using recursive program Sorting and reversing a linked list Deleting the specified node in a desphande linked list Inserting a node after the specified node in a singly linked list Inserting a new node in a sorted list Counting the number of nodes of linked list Merging of two sorted lists Erasing a linked list Polynomial representation Representation of Sparse Matrices Circular Linked Lists Splitting a list with 2n nodes into two separate and equal lists.


Trees The Concept of strructures Binary Tree and its representation Binary tree Traversal Binary Search Tree Counting the number of nodes in a binary search tree Swapping of left and right subtrees of a given binary tree Searching for a .s key in a binary search tree Deletion of a node from binary search tree Exercise Chapter 5: Graphs Graph Representations of a Graph Computing Indegree and outdegree of a node by using adjacency matrix representation Depth First Strucyures Breadth first traversal Connected component of a graph Depth first spanning tree and breadth first spanning tree Minimum cost spanning tree Directed Acyclic Graph DAG Exercise Part 3: Advanced Problems in Data Structures Chapter 1: Arrays, Searching, Sorting, Hashing Problem: Calculate the value of an NN determinant Ad Write a program to find the saddle point of a matrix if exists Problem: Multiplication of two sparse matrices Different Versions Problem: Implement K-way sort-merge to sort a file deshppande records Problem: To Find plateau in a matrix Problem: O.h.kakde of Hash search Problem: Implementation of Rehashing Chapter 2: Stacks and Queues Problem: Convert an infix expression to prefix form Problem: Implementation of Two stacks by using array Chapter 3: Linked Lists Problem: Implementation of Polynomial by using linked List Problem: Implementation of circular list by using Array Problem: Reversing links in the case of circular list Problem: Memory Management using List Problem: Memory management by using Various schemes Problem: Garbage Collection-First method Problem: Garbage Collection- Second method Problem: To compute N equivalence classes Chapter 4: Maximize a combination under constraints Problem: Maximize a combination of strings-Second method Problem: Closure of set Problem: L.g.kakde between two strings Problem: Finding the maximum matching pattern in the string Problem: Implementation of soundex function Chapter 5: Write a Non-recursive version of preorder Problem: Write a non-recursive version of postorder Problem: Preorder traversal of Threaded binary tree Problem: Implementation of set by using binary tree Problem: Huffman Coding Problem: Implementation of B-trees Problem: The dfs method for graph traversal Problem: Connected Components in graph Problem: Minimum spanning tree Problem: Topological Sort Problem: Finding the Shortest path by using the adjacency matrix Problem: Finding the Shortest path by using adjecncy list Problem: The m shortest path Problem: The all-cost shortest path Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Problems Problem: The Two-class classification problem Problem: The N-coins problem Problem: All Combinations of strings Problem: The 8-Knights Problem Problem: N-queens Problem Problem: Mapping of N-queues in array Problem: Implementation of A algorithm View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Related resource Table of contents at http: Set structtures My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”?


C & Data structure by nde and by nde

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C and Data Structures by P S Deshpande, O G Kakde

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