Don’t miss this timely contemporary young adult novel from Alex Flinn, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Beastly, about a teenage boy’s struggle to. It was only a slap. Well, maybe more than one. And maybe Nick used his fist at the end when the anger got out of control. But his girlfriend Caitlin deserved. Breathing Underwater. Alex Flinn. 1. JANUARY 5 JUSTICE BUILDING, MIAMI, FLORIDA. I’ve never been in a courthouse before. But then, I’ve never been in.

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I found it really interesting how Nick was shown the error of his ways by writing it down.

Like your life’s a big act. I thought it was very well done how Flinn managed to have me invest myself in the reading and by the end I was really feeling for Nick.

Caitlin is the one person who he can confide in. There is a companion to Breathing Underwater, in Caitlin’s viewpoint. Paperbackpages. Or maybe with the provocative protagonist? What’s the Name o At least not with Breathing Underwater.

Nicholas was dating a girl Caitlyn. He grew and matured a lot and he began to take responsibility for his actions, to understand where he went wrong and that what he was doing WAS wrong. bresthing

The Search for TK. It would have been time consuming yes but it also could have been interesting to see how Caitlin dealt filnn seeing Nick at school and everything. My writings have taken on a very personal vein and have been so cathartic to me. When a story is so perfect good it leaves you breathless, where do you start describing it?


It was a little confusing to read because he was telling a story of his past, but also talking in present form. I learned about the thought process of someone that abuses mentally and physically.

Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn | : Books

Lists with This Book. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Books by Alex Flinn. Flinn really has a gift in making the reader just feel the emotions of the main character, like it or not. I went to the library and took out books on writing. Underater me, my father flings in his keys. And that little extra something makes Breathing Underwater perfect in all its imperfection.

Breathing Underwater

So I try to write books that gymsuit girl might enjoy. This book is also very good for the ladys who want to find out how guys think, I woudlnt have know how When you start reading this book you will feel bad for Vreathing, but when he writes in his journal what he has done, bye bye sympathy.

People think his life is pretty easy. Eighth Grade Bites 1.


LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. However, I did like that it was from the abusers perspective and shows that you can break the cycle if you take responsibility and learn to be a better person.

What impresses me the most about this book is how the author stresses the importance of accepting responsibility for your own actions. When you fake it for sixteen years, it becomes part of you, something you don’t think flinnn. Adderall website where you can buy Adderall online buyadderall. They know that Nick is actually an abusive person who has lived under the poor influence of his father.

It hurts, it angers me, it moved me, and I wish more people knew of this book. He was the one who handed me a copy of Ellen Tebbits and said, “I think you’re ready for this.


The book was all based off of love, or in this case old love. But Nick hits rock bottom when his girlfriend, Caitlin, files for a restraining order against Nick for hitting her. Uunderwater of all the protagonists I’ve read about, he is probably one of the most detestable. This made me love this book. No, there’s something more about it.

Breathing Underwater – a young adult novel by Alex Flinn

May 20, Amy rated it it was amazing. More By and About This Author. At first I didn’t think I would relate to this book because the main character is a teenage male struggling with anger issues.

This was an exquisite book. But when things start to spiral out of control, Nick must face the fact that he’s gotten more from his father than green eyes and money. Its hard to listen to. This story of Nick and Caitlin is gut wrenching!!! And I have to say, I never really thought of it b 3. There were so many things that I didn’t like though. And what surprises me is that it’s written in the eye of the abuser. Caitlyn got her wish, but as the restraining order was put in place, Nick ke Breathing Underwater was one of my favorites that I have read this year.

I am so flipping glad I did.