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The Serbs do not prize the truth. It is believed here that to rely on the truth, and to depend on it, is to be naive, stupid and weak. This argument also formed the basis of his defence before the Hague tribunal. Lastly, this argument is a monumental falsity, the parapet behind which Serb nationalism hides to this very day: Afrj creates a conspiracy, circle, group or other association of persons for the purpose of perpetrating criminal acts as defined by articles topara 2.

Whoever commits and act designed forcibly or unconstitutionally to alter the borders between the republics and the autonomous provinces will be punished by imprisonment of no less than one year.

For committing a criminal act — according to ArticleArticle para 1, Articles toArticles toArticleand Article para 1. Article incriminates as an autonomous action preparatory activity and attempting to change borders. Article para 3. When the law prescribes punishment for the preparation of a certain criminal act, the preparation may consist of acquisition or activation of the means for execution of the criminal act, removal of obstacles to the execution of the criminal act, negotiations, planning and organising with others to commit the criminal act, as well as other activities jovkc to create the conditions for immediate execution of the criminal act, but which do not represent the act of execution.

Committee for Human Rightsp. Finally, the plans and intentions of the conspirators, as they themselves describe them, were concretely realised during the subsequent political and military events. Let us now turn to the activities by means of which they accomplished certain essential elements of these criminal acts. Danni took place through overstepping of their authority; execution of criminal acts in abuse of their office; acting outside the legal institutions or bodies to which they belonged and unbeknownst to such institutions.

Poslednji dani SFRJ

He tells me loudly: I replied equally emphatically: It is clear that it could not be done otherwise. We would be totally powerless after that. This is why me must make the moves that lead towards it. Because, he says, once the army has finally covered the Serb territories in Croatia, we [who?

This is the only way. Their motivations, aims and chosen means for realising these aims strj not always and in everything coincide. In a word, everything is uncertain. Veljko is worried even about our own safety, should retrograde processes occur in the USSR.

We must defend ourselves now. He says that many Communists are frightened by the anti-Communist offensive. They do not fight back, do not react, as if they did not care about what is happening. Force remains as a possibility. Dami if poslrdnji could be done! He still believes in defending Yugoslavia.

He defended socialism a to the extent it secured him the support of the party and state apparatus and the army whose own interests were threatened by the change ; b insofar as it allowed him control over the economy and the broisav media the state was practically the sole employer under socialism. But when faced with a fait accompli, he would in the end comply. On that occasion, carried along by the eruption of militant nationalism among the Serbs, he motivated before his colleagues — the representatives of the other republics — his readiness to abuse his position and act illegally and to sgrj all available means in this way:.


It will be arrived at through a policy endorsed by the majority of the people of this land, institutionally and extra-institutionally, dabi the statutes and outside of them, in the streets and off boorisav, in a populist and an elitist manner, through argument and without argument, but in any case in such a way that it becomes clear that it is a policy for Yugoslavia, in which people will live as one, as equals, in a richer and more cultured fashion. It is a question borisavv frontiers — essential matters of state.

And as you know frontiers are always drawn by the strong, never by the weak…. I have ordered mobilisation of the police reserve. We are further engaged in the creation of additional police forces, while the government has been entrusted with jovid task of preparing the relevant formations which will make us secure in any event: I hope, however, that they will not be so crazy as to fight us. For if we are not good at working and producing, at least we shall be good at fighting.

Here are some striking examples:. Neither the parliament nor any other state body made any protest against this unprecedented transgression. This was designed to finance a continuation of the war, i. The value of the dinar fell day by day. In the second half of the year, the inflation acquired a galloping tempo, turning everything into a desert … At the end ofone Sgrj mark was worth one billion dinars on the black market… In Januarywhen it suited it, the state arrested this inflational typhoon, which had reached a fantastic million per cent, through a monetary reform.

The next example might be the proven electoral fraud inwhich led to three months of protest by Serbian citizens and ended with the adoption of the so-called lex specialis, that poseldnji the electoral fraud de facto but without calling anyone to account.

He called me at around 23 hours, in connection with the events at Studio B [radio station].

Obviously the Studio B programme was very provocative. I told him that there were people there, and that it was not the duty of the VJ to fire at its own people, and that it jovvic not a military but a police problem. This was made possible only by the conspiratorial nature of government and complete contempt for any legal order. In order to realise their aims, polednji plotters had to destroy or take control of the federal institutions of government that stood between them and the JNA.

The plotters acquired a majority on the SFRJ presidency by relatively simple means.

Borisav Jović – Wikipedia

Accordingly they not only acted behind the back of the legitimate government, but also tried to sabotage that government, to bring it down or place it under their control. He sent them for publication to Politika.

They will serialise it sftj 5, 6 and 7 under a pseudonym. We must expose him, because the people are deeply mistaken about who and what he is. Many view him as a saviour. No one poslrdnji attend the meeting. The answer was negative on both accounts. All leading officials are present.

Our aim is to avoid bloodshed, and to establish a frontier within which there will be no war. Outside that frontier war cannot be avoided, because Bosnia-Herzegovina cannot survive as a state and it is impossible to conceive a battle over territory without bloodshed.

I make the point that the Serbian constitutional draft does not state clearly that Serbia recognises and respects the SFRJ constitution….

He reassures me that this should be easy, that it will be added immediately, though I have had to tell him three times to do so. According to Article para 2 of the new Serbian constitution: Here are some examples:. On the basis of this provision, the Serbian assembly adopted a law for a special tax on trade in goods and services of specified origin, and for special taxes Official Gazette of the RSno.


The special tax is paid on establishment of a firm, use of business space and building land. A law on changes and additions to the law on social control of prices Official Gazette of RSno. Application of the same provision of the Serbian constitution led to the adoption also of a law on trade in goods Official Gazette of RSno.

Application of the same constitutional provision led to the adoption also of a law on incurring debts and issuing guarantees and super-guarantees on specified foreign credits on the part of the Republic of Serbia Official Gazette of RSno.

And its Article 4 says: And in Article 5: The same provision of the Serbian constitution led to adoption of a law on the measures that may be taken in order to prevent distortions in production, trade and development in the Republic of Serbia Official Gazette of RSno.

Both these acts were adopted in secret. They were distributed to delegates on the very day of the session, thrust into the hands of each in an envelope. Following their adoption and they were adopted unanimously and without discussionthe delegates had to place them back into the envelope and return them.

These provisions of the Republic of Serbia gave it the right to an additional It was decided that the matter be investigated and the money returned.

Sloba knows everything, but minimises the problem. He continues on 8 January I criticised him a little on account of what they did in regard to the emission, and with revenues belonging to the federation. He tells me that they would certainly have lost the elections without it, because half of the republic would have been left without salaries or pensions. The activity of the plotters as described above — 1.

The idea of placing the [federal] government under the control of the [federal] presidency is also unconstitutional: The provisions of the Serbian constitution are contrary, of course, to the provisions of the SFRJ constitution. Thus, for example, it usurps three basic powers of the federation: It does so with the provisions contained in articles 72 para 1.

Even more importantly, by virtue of Article para 2. This clause is known in law as si volam if I wishand its effect is wholly to annul every obligation entered into upon this condition.

Which is perfectly logical: If the clause envisages that the will of the one bound has primacy over the bond, then the obligation does not exist. What is most important, however, is that the Serbian constitution of 28 September is a separatist constitution.

Борисав Јовић

It was adopted over a year before the Danni and Croatian proclamations of independence on 8 October Article 72 specifies that Serbia is sovereign and independent:. The sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, and its international jovif and relations with other states and international bodies. With this provision, Serbia ceased to be a member of the federation: If this is so, and it is, then one should question the meaning of the provision of Article para 1 of the Serbian constitution, which says:.

The meaning of this provision is that the vani Serbia, which has no obligations towards the federation, wishes to retain those rights that the federal constitution gave it when it was a member of the federation.