Bluecoats The quintessential “modern” drum break in my opinion. And while technically not DCI, this is the most insane quad break. I actually really like the drum break in Cadets closer. . BD 97 (tenor solo was nuts) cavies , bluecoats , blue knights I’m wanting to create a video of the “Top 10” Drum Breaks since , Cadets , Bluecoats , Cavaliers , and Phantom

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Don’t harass any fellow redditors, ensembles, or marching members. Continued harassment will result in being banned. No flamebait or personal attacks.

No racism, homophobia, sexism, rape jokes, or other bigotry. Please refrain from asking the community about one’s ability to march with any given medical complication. These types of questions belong in the hands of medical professionals and corps staff.

No leaks of any kind allowed. That means show titles, repertoire, rehearsal videos, etc. The choreographed fight between the angels and demons was really cool during that feature.

That show is so fucking good. Nah, they are far from finished creating legendary shows.

I think they’ll completely recover and find their true roots again, probably fielding some kick-ass shows in the coming years. Crossmenthe only drumline so good that the end of the show is ruined on the recording by somebody giving them a shoutout.


Nope, the book was hard but they did not play super well. There have been much much better lines. This will be in my head until the day I die.

I probably saw that show live at least 10 time including Finals. There was a few times we were staying so close to Crossmen in 92 that we could hear them rehearsing. Top 10 show of all time for me personally.


Best drum breaks? : drumcorps

Was the show visually squeaky clean? Was the hornline at drm technical level on par with Star? Maybe not, but it all gelled well enough to create a show with some truly beautiful moments. We spent the vast majority of the time touring along side Crossmen in Always playing behind them, which is how I got to see them so many times.

I didn’t even feel that from Star’s 93 gluecoats and I’ve never seen better in person. The whole corps was a really interesting mix. Their instruments were held together with tape – they had to borrow instruments from us for performances.

Their buses were 20 years old. They laughed at us when it was 55 degrees for 4th of July parades and we were freezing. Man, those X-Men Mark Thurston lines were killers! I’ve never seen a whole line play so far through the drum as those guys. Low-key, but a really tasty. I actually really like the drum break in Cadets bluecoatw. The way it flows just adds to the high energy of blueecoats show. Boston’s show had a drum break that I really liked- maybe it’s just because I’m a brass player who’s doesn’t know much about percussion, but their quintuplet thing that they started in the second movement and echoed through the rest of the show was great.

Uneducated brass player opinion, the snare feature in Crown’s closer is super badass and I love how much energy it gives to the final push of the show. I have the original State of the Art recording before the brass was cut. I may have one somewhere since the You Tube recordings are below average. I’ll check when I’m home. BD 97 tenor solo was nuts caviesbluecoatsblue knights love the pipe drumming it was cool Madison 97 with the sword fight on the cymbal rack.


What’s Your Favorite Drum Break/Percussion Feature? : drumcorps

Ah hell Madison were just bad ass. SCV 04 and Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. All personal fundraising pages will be removed. Welcome to Reddit, the bluecosts page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

God, that line had balls. Want to add to the discussion? Their presence of authority is slowly returning. Blew all their minds.

And that fucking aggressive drumline. I miss the non-Yea! Partial credit given for Cadets. This is the answer.

Insane notes that all gelled with each part of the battery. Phantom Brutes ramming notes so fast and hard its like cray: Cadets mad vocabulary and unique composition: Best stick tricks and best usage of frying pans: Those kick drums add a lot of punch to the line.

Dang, I miss VK. All the drum to drum, fun licks huge line And the money shot. Courtesy of random YouTube pirate.