Chess games of Bill Robertie, career statistics, famous victories, opening repertoire, PGN download, discussion, and more. Read our biography of author Bill Robertie including a list of poker books published by Two Plus Two. Bill Robertie is a master in chess, backgammon and . “I highly recommend the book. Bill does an excellent job of recognizing, naming and explaining those features of bot play that have so influenced the modern.

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Billy was White, I was Black.

In this position, Black finds himself at the tail end of an ace-deuce back game. Things seemed promising for a while, then not so good, then downright awful. Now, with seven men trapped behind a full prime and his board almost completely shot, Black has a to play.

Bill Robertie | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster Canada

Do you dream of backgammon, do you dream of games in your sleep? Do you ever come home afterwards and roberttie down and think where you went wrong?


Do you have video equipment to tape all your games when you play people robergie tournaments? In the fall of Paul Magriel was living in New York and putting the finishing touches on his book.

The working title was The Complete Book of Backgammonbut it would be changed to simply Backgammo n when it finally appeared in November of Sometime that fall he consented to an interview with Aubrey Zelman, who was creating a new magazine called Backgammon Illustrated. The highlight of the issue was the interview with Paul, which ran for 18 pages.

Similar authors to follow

Paul gave very few interviews for magazines, and what appeared about him in the press was generally brief and uninformative. This interview was very different. The Zelman interview gave some great insights into how Paul thought about the game at that time, and conveyed a real sense of what talking with Paul was like.

Paul would often start a conversation with very brief, sometimes monosyllabic comments. Part 2 will follow in a couple of weeks.


Bill Robertie – Wikipedia

A couple of months ago I asked readers of this blog to send in their suggestions as to what would make an ideal tournament in their view.

I received gobertie responses, some brief and to the point, others long and thoughtful.

December 15, In Backgammon Problems: December 1, In Backgammon Problems: November 15, In Backgammon Generally. November 1, In Backgammon Generally. Backgammon Lesson 34 — Prime or Slot?

October 15, In Backgammon Problems: Slotting in a Back Game. October 1, In Backgammon Problems: September 15, In Backgammon Generally.

Backgammon Lesson 32 — Playing Proto-Backgames. September 1, In Backgammon Problems: Backgammon Lesson 31 — Where to Leave a Blot?

August 15, In Backgammon Problems: Backgammon Lesson 30 — Make the point or the 4-point? August 1, In Backgammon Problems: