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Spanish speech inflections are explained, as are the varying Spanish accents from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world. Practice is offered in accented and unaccented vowel combinations.

Barron’s Educational Series Audio Books

For business people, travelers, or anyone with little or no knowledge of Spanish, this program gives a thorough grounding in modern Spanish speaking, reading and writing. Updated with a restyled handbook and improved cassettes, this program serves as a practical introduction to the spoken language for qordplay students and helps travelers pick up enough German to find their way when in German-speaking places. This program is for those who have never studied French or have forgotten most of what they learned at school.


Forty-five brief, effectively presented lessons cover the main grammatical structures, key expressions, and vocabulary used in everyday French.

This program covers basics of the Russian phonetic system, vowels, consonants, and palatalization, plus intonation, pronouncing vowels in multisyllabic words and more.

Wordplay: + Words You Need To Know AUDIO BOOK CD Barron’s vocabulary Bromberg | eBay

This set of three audio compact discs is designed to be used with William Harvey’s self-teaching Spanish language book, “Household Spanish”, available from Barron’s as a separate item. The most advanced and comprehensive self-teaching course in French available anywhere, this Level Two program is recommended for those who have already progressed through Mastering French, Level One. Updated with helpful facts and tips for international travelers, new third edition of Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way book with audiocassettes or CDs is suitable as a language teacher for adults as well as for older children.

Get all 60 of our published audio books for free: Download 60 Free Audio Books.


barron’s wordplay words – PDF Free Download

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Pronounce It Perfectly Spanish. Audio CD Audio Cassette. This Week in Barron’s Podcast. A First Course in Spanish.

Getting by in German. Pronounce It Perfectly in Russian.

Mastering French, Level 2. Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way.