Search Search hermogenes yoga pdf autoperfeio com Hatha Yoga Jos Hermgenes. pdf Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. Autoperfeição com Hatha Yoga é, há mais de trinta anos, a principal obra de José Hermógenes apresenta um guia para o entendimento e a prática do yoga. Jose’ Hermogenes, is considered to be one of the greatest masters of the Brazilian Modern Hatha Yoga and one of the first practitioners of.

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Recently one of his books has been translated into English and the title is Yoga for Nervous People From him, I learnt that Prof. Hermogenes is now 93 years old and unfortunately is not teaching Yoga anymore because of a major health problem and is now using a wheelchair on a daily basis.

Thiago kindly told me that Prof. Hermogenes is still practising Yoga daily at his apartment and is in good mind and spirit. The Institute is located in a very pretty street of Rio de Janeiro, on the 5th floor of a building near a beautiful church and the state main theatre.

During my first visit to the Institute the staff members were incredibly friendly and made me feel like if we were good friends that had not seen each other for ages.

Thiago was very kind and I was able to attend one of his classes even though it was very short notice. His Yoga style was gentle and he taught like he had all autoperfeiio time in the world to guide his female students. The Institute has separate classes based on the gender like the traditional Hatha Yoga classes in India. The room was big enough for 20 yoga mats with plenty of room to spare, and the walls were adorned with photos of eminent yogis along with a Hindi statue of Shiva.


The usual rubber yoga mats were replaced by straw beach mats which reassured me that I was definitely in Rio de Janeiro.

After reading from one of Prof. This technique was familiar to me but it was the first time that I had practised it in a group and followed autoperveio instructions in Portuguese. We then followed him singing the Chant So Hum. Hermogenes over the years. The hermogehes relaxation technique was very helpful and made me aware of all the nuances and flavours of trying to relax in a new place and with the background noise of a busy and lively city such as Rio de Janeiro.

A strange sense of novelty and peace came to my mind at the same time. I felt the positive and calming energy of Yoga in my mind, body and soul.

Before I left the Institute, I told Thiago and his staff how grateful I was to them for their warm welcome. I am looking forward to my next trip to the Institute and meeting Thiago and his Staff once again.

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You may wonder how I came across Prof. Hermogenes Hatha Yoga Institute.


About three years ago, I heard about Prof. She kindly told me about Prof.

Autoperfeio Com Hatha Yoga Hermogenes Pdf

Hermogenes and his heart-warm book entitled: At that time I was considering the idea of starting my Yoga teacher training qualification in Stirling, Scotland. It all appeared so complex and difficult.

Hermogenes has written in. I was so grateful for this book, for its suggestions and lessons because I realised I just needed to use my own words to show my future students what was happening to our bodies and minds when we were practising Yoga.

Thank you so much to you Prof. Hermogenes for being a clear and kind master in Hatha, Holistic Health and wellbeing to me. Sandra teaches slow and gentle Hatha Yoga classes, workshops and one-on-one private sessions. And Contact Hermgoenes at Email: Love, Peace and Namaste! Next If I can do it, anyone can.

Visit to the Hermogenes Institute in Rio de Janeiro

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