On Line Primer Class for CQE Presented by ASQ Section Download the Quick Flyer Class dates: February 5 – April 2, (Class. Hi, I am planning to give CQE in Dec I am in big dilemma whether to refer ASQ CQE handbook by or CQE Primer from QCI. PRIMERS contain the appropriate bodies of knowledge plus sample questions and answers. Many ASQ Sections use QCI Primers as their main study text.

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Log in or Sign up. The Quality Forum Online. Ce here to register. Feb 25, Messages: I am Kimi, I am a quality engineer working in a medical manufacturing company. Aug 3, Messages: QAengineer13Mar 2, Sep 30, Messages: I also took the CQE exam in A similar approach has also worked for a number of prjmer coworkers as well.

The CQE has such a broad Body of Knowledge BOK that I’d think the ability to learn it all from scratch would be a near insurmountable task – but if you’re already proficient with most of it, I could see successfully learning enough of any deficiencies to be successful.

Years before, I took a prep course but it was so poor that I and many others ended up so discouraged that none of us took it at the time and it took me 5 years to actually get arround to taking the exam. Things that I did find help are: ASQ has a half length exam of old questions on their webpage.

It is much better than other sources for gaging your abilities ASQ writes much better questions on their tests than are in the QCI material. Best of luck, David. DavidDMar 5, Jan 15, Messages: My experience is that you need at least 3 months of time to study prior to the exam. I took the prep course offered through the ASQ and I actually thought it was really good. There are alot of questions that I felt were trick questions so be aware-you need to really watch the wording and such.

Bring a snack with you-like a protein bar and some water. Use the entire 5 hours. I felt like my brain was numb for weeks after that.

  DECL 098 PDF

I need to re-certify by taking the exam again this coming Dec and I’m already dreading it. JennieMar 24, DavidDMar 24, Dec 29, Messages: I used to also be heavily involved in managing and writing another popular professional societies certification program. My vqe opinion on the ASQ exams is you do not need much more than the QCI primer along with the following advice. This is probably primfr most important point. Practice the sample questions with the primer.

There is not much originality to the questions on the exam. At least that is what I remember. Don’t bring a stack of books to the exam. Just will suffice. Having many books with you will just be distraction. Have a time management strategy. Divide the test time minutes by the number of questions. Don’t spend more than that on any one question the first pass through.

You want to try each question at least once. Then go back and review the ones you could not answer. Bring a watch to help do time checks. Don’t use it like a stop watch n every question, just use it to keep an eye on your pace. Always give an answer since there is no penalty for being wrong. Even if you blind guess Go with your first answer. Don’t spend too much time changing answer. Odds are your first answer was the right answer. IF you must guess, try to rule out the obviously wrong answer then select from the rest.

There are always in a question. For example, for most math questions on these exams you do not even have to do the math to give yourself a good chance of guessing the answer. Remember, passing long multiple choice exams is a bit of game. Cert programs are good and i believe in them, but keep in mind that professional certifications are VERY much about generating revenue for the professional society sponsoring it.

Tremendous revenue is generated by selling classes, books, CD’s, Etc. This is why I say all you really need is the Primer for exam purposes. For along time ASQ did not sell their own study materials because they did not want to have the appearhence of a conflict of interest. QMSmasterMar 27, Oct 19, Messages: Other option is to go for CQA examination. Which one I should opt for? PadymJun 10, Nov 21, Messages: Hi everyone, Anyone is planning to take the preparation and CQE exam any time soon?


I’m living in Northern Colorado and wonder if anyone thinking or planning to take the exam or preparation course. Also, I’m thinking to take the online preparation course, any idea or suggestion regarding the effectiveness of online cae for this exam?

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestion or idea Shoaib.

Certified Quality Engineer Certification Preparation | ASQ

Shoaib AslamiNov 21, Nov 28, Messages: Hi Shoaib – I am planning to take the exam by May It would be nice we can create a study group. Khadeja KausarNov 28, Feb 14, Messages: Can anybody suggest me, from where should i start for preparation? Also suggest me preliminary courses if any.

Chetan IngawaleDec 2, JennieDec 6, Jul 31, Messages: Jennifer KirleyDec 7, Atul Khandekar likes this. May 9, Messages: Ashraf ZanatyMay 9, May 27, Messages: I am preparing for the CQE exam.

Certified Quality Engineer Certification Preparation

I have 10 years plus in aerospace quality. I feel like I am really chewing through the material in the CQE handbook well. The questions in my ASQ study guide thus far have come at ease after reviewing the material. My confidence that I can pass this test is growing. Can anyone give an orimer number of these types of questions that will be on the exam? I am not a trained engineer nor a math enthusiast.

Qimpro – CQE Primer

A colleague of mine mentioned to me that prjmer failed the CQE exam due to his poor execution on this portion of the test. Can anyone offer some insight on what I can expect? TenaciousQJul 20, Sep 24, Messages: Hello, I am thinking about to take CQE exam next year some time. I still study CQE handbook. I will join study group if someone would like to set it up. Sep 29, Messages: Does anyone know if the Primers from Quality Council of Indiana is updated with the new version?

SusansamSep 29,