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Cheers to the new year! Ho iniziato con i corsi alla scuola massaggi proprio con il Bamboo Massage bambutrapia 14 mesi fa! Tot ce mai trebuie sa faci pentru a arata absolut uimitor in seara dintre ani este o sedinta de masaj cu bete de bambus.

In primul rand pentru ca te asiguri ca oricat ai dansa, nu ti se vor umfla picioarele.

Apoi pentru ca masajul cu bambus contribuie la fermitatea pielii, aspect care se vede mai ales in cazul unei rochii mini. Si nu in ultimul rand, pentru ca te energizeaza mai ceva ca o cana de cafea. Bambuyerapia you used heated bamboo tools for a massage?

If you are interested in learning this technique visit our website link to find out more and to register for an upcoming course. An amazing hand saving modality. We are the original source for Bamboo massage can train you apostla this award winning technique. Have you used heated bamboo tools? If you are interested in learning this technique visit my website link to find out more and to register for an upcoming course.

We are the original source for Bamboo massage and I can train you in this award winning technique. Hallo sahabat Bambu Spa Hari ini, adalah hari terakhir di tahun Pasti banyak dari kita mempersiapkan segudang acara untuk menyambut tahun baru ini.

Jangan lupa juga, buat perawatan tubuh di Bambuspabungo yaa. Karna tubuh juga bambutfrapia istirahat dan relax loohh. My bamboomassageset is here! I’m about to add bamboomassage to neuromusculartherapy. Marley wanted bambuteapia massage on the table this time Day 2 of learning Bamboo-Fusion and loving it!! I seriously wish I had done this sooner!!

Curso de Extensão em Peelings com Renato Afonso 26/06.

Von is a fun and informative teacher to be learning from. Il potere decontratturante delle canne di Bamboo: Per le donne molto utile per contrastare gli accumuli adiposi e il ristagno dei liquidi con la bambuuterapia dello”slimming bamboo”.


Treat yourself to a warm bamboo massage this winter! Epicondylitis is an over-use injury of the forearm extensors, due to flexibility loss and a muscle strength imbalance. Here I am demonstrating a stretch technique using Ashiatsu Massage. It is easy on both the client and the therapist. There are 3 different barefoot techniques available. Ashiatsu, Barefoot Stretch and Fijian Massage.

For more information on training and certification for live or online CE classes, click the link in the bio. Your opinion always counts and makes us provide a better service. Noi te tentam cu o sesiune de masaj de relaxare cu aromoterapie, menita sa te rasfete in adevaratul sens al cuvantului.

Deliciu cu Scortisoara este o terapie pe care pur si simplu nu ai voie sa o ratezi in aceasta perioada a anului. Iti va placea atat de mult, incat vei dori sa o faci si cadou.

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Iar pentru asta, avem pregatite vouchere cadou personalizate. Manfaatkan libur akhir tahun dengan melakukan berbagai perawatan tubuh di bambu bambugerapia citra 6. Paket Luxury Spa 1. Banyak promo lain dan hadiah menarik yang kami berikan untuk customer setia bambu spa citra 6.

Gift Certificates Always Available. These are a few of my bambutterapia pups January Offer New Years Resolution to lose weight, hit the gym, quit smoking? Massage can be hugely beneficial to the body relieving those post work out aches and pains, eliminating toxins from the body, speeding up lymphatic drainage and boosting circulation.

Message to book in or book online at www.

Do you want to have lovely relaxing experience and full of nature? When your day is full of work outside of the office, and your first stop requires prenatal support! Some even need two hours. However, 30 minutes is better than no massage time at all! Aim for once a month, and see how massage can change your life!

When your clients bring you home made mince pies. Saturday is almost full. Sunday is wide open for now. That will change fast! Who needs a massage? Daca faci parte din categoria celor care se ingrasa doar privind o felie de cozonac, atunci cu siguranta ai nevoie de noi. Cateva sedinte de masaj cu bambus te vor aduce intr-o forma de invidiat pana la Revelion si vor face sa dispara micile depozite adipoase. Come here and relax with us! We are closed for holiday and re-open on Jan 2nd Have you tried our Bamboo Fusion Massage yet?


What does this consist of you ask? A Bamboo Fusion massage uses different lengths and diameters of bamboo sticks and stones. The smooth bamboo is warmed and then used as part of the massage therapy, much like hot stones are. However, bamboo holds heat longer than stones do. During the massage the bamboo sticks serve as an extension of the hands and the therapist can easily palpate, find tension, and dissolve knots and trigger points. They are also used to knead and stretch muscle and fascia in all directions.

The pressure can be as light or as deep as necessary. Look at this Deep Tricep kneading technique. Looks like it feels amazing right?

And the tools are heated! Our course list is posted on the website.

Visit the link via our profile page to register. Ready for a Thai Massage? If you need a deep stretching this is the massage for you. Have a great day! For an appointment or any further information, do whatsapp us with click this link www.

Come visit our spa at Cyberjaya. I massaged the whole family! Just because these illustrations are cute Wishing you all a Christmas filled with love and pampering This hand is already done This webinar was filmed on location at the World Massage Festival. The Bamboo-Fusion massage treatment is an innovative way to provide relaxation or deep-tissue, full-body massage on the table, while reducing stress on your hands.

Using the bamboo tools, you will be able to increase your client load, give longer sessions without fatigue, and save your thumbs and wrists from repetitive use injuries.

This is the first webinar in a two-part series on Bamboo-Fusion massage. Follow the link and book now. Thankful Joe had time for me today! I have to let it rest just a bit more. Home Blog Popular Popular hashtags Popular users.

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