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Angelcare has been in baby monitor business since They offer a comprehensive range of sound, video, and movement monitors.

Angelcare’s main goal is to give parents peace of mind with their research-based, safety-driven products for monitoring. Angelcare products help parents attend to their baby’s comfort and well-being in a way angelcaree allows parents to enjoy parenthood. This monitor is one we purchased and tested in previous comparison reviews, and nothing has changed over the years. Below are some of the details we discovered during extensive hands-on testing and comparison to some of the other products included in our roundup review of angelcaee monitors.

The AC is a reliable sensor pad monitor with angelcxre false alarms when you set the sensitivity level correctly. The sensitivity dial found on the back of the nursery unit can adjust to an optimum level for your specific environment and mattress. During testing, we found that when the sensitivity was set above level 4, that the background vibrations from a heating vent close to the crib would be picked up. This “movement” will not create a false alarm, but it does limit the effectiveness of the monitor because it will not alert you if baby stops angelcarf because the heater vibration will make the monitor think the baby is still breathing, even if they aren’t.

With the sensitivity set between two and three we had no false alarms and no interference from external sources, so the monitor could work as it was designed to do. While this monitor is one of the most reliable we considered, some users have reported increased false alarms once their child is able to roll over onto areas of the mattress angelfare covered by the sensors.

We did not angelcaare this during testing, but we acknowledge that this could be an issue. However, as indicated on many movement monitor websites when a baby is able to roll and move this much, their brains are also usually developed enough to avoid some angelczre the deep sleep patterns that lead to a cessation of breathing in the first place making monitoring less of a need.

We hypothesize that all mattresses do not carry the vibrations caused by movement in an equal manner, so depending on the thickness and type of mattress you use, your results may vary once your baby xngelcare on the move. We love the AC angelcxre with a battery back up on the AC The other units we tested rely solely on battery power which makes this a nice option that limits battery use and replacement but provides battery backup should your electricity go out.

With the AC power and fresh batteries in the nursery unit, we could rest easy knowing that if the power went out during the night our monitor would continue working. The parent unit is a feature not found on any other movement monitor we tested. If you already have a sound monitor, this may not be a feature you are looking for, but we found that having both sound and movement on one parent unit was convenient and streamlined the bedtime routine.


Having a parent unit means you get better alerts, have more knowledge of what is going on in baby’s bedroom, and your baby can avoid the loud nursery alarms present on some angelcarre the competition. Angelcae a dedicated parent unit simplifies things by only having angelcqre activate one system instead of two if you opt for a wearable movement monitor and a sound or video unit for keeping tabs on what is happening in your baby’s nursery.

During testing, we found this unit to be relatively easy to use once we got familiar with the parent unit interface. Angelcare also offers several user videos that can help any parent that may still have questions given that the parent unit is a little complicated.

Initially, we found changing the alarm settings and other functions such as audio sensitivity to be a bit confusing. Installation and setup are similar to the Babysense 7 for the nursery components. You must have a hard surface with minimal flex under the mattress for the sensor to work correctly and Angelcare offers a wooden board to help with this, so you don’t have to bother buying and cutting the board yourself. If your crib has slats or springs under the mattress, you will need to custom cut a piece of plywood or Masonite to fit in your crib.

It is also important to note that the sensor will not work with hollow core mattresses or mattresses with memory foam that makes contact with the sensor according to the Angelcare website.

angelcrae A sensor pad goes under the mattress, and the wires are routed over to the nursery unit. We recommend routing the wire down the leg of the crib and Angelcare recommends that the nursery unit be a minimum of 39″ from the crib. This means you need some sort of elevated surface to set the parent unit on, such as a table or bookshelf, so that it is within easy reach. The sensitivity function is located on the nursery unit, allowing you to dial in the sensor pad to filter out external vibration sources agnelcare may be present.

As we stated before, the nursery unit has a battery backup for use without Angelcaee power, but it should be plugged into an outlet with the included AC adaptor, preserving the batteries for an emergency.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Breathing Movement and Audio Monitor with Wired Sensor Pad

The parent unit is rechargeable and has it’s own charging cradle and power cord, which we recommend placing outside of your child’s room so that it can charge without disturbing your sleeping child.

This monitor is not very portable. It has more components than any other monitor we looked at and requires more set up time. While we did take it on travel the compatibility with hotel aneglcare was hit and miss and it isn’t practical to carry the board or your crib as well as the monitor.

However, many parents are less angelcarre with monitoring their baby when they are in the same room. This result makes it preferable to monitors that do emit EMF. Some of the wearables in this review emit significant EMF and are, therefore, in our opinion, not optimal. In order to use the AC and other sensor pad type movement monitors you may need a hard surface under your crib mattress.


Angelcare has taken the guesswork and labor out of fitting a board to your crib by angelfare a board accessory that is the anyelcare size as a standard crib for use with their movement monitor sensors. Angelcare AC Review Reliable option angelcard has a sound monitor and parent unit to avoid loud nursery alarms.

The Angelcare AC is an award-ward winning movement and sound monitor. With no false alarms during testing, AC power plus battery back up, and a combined sound a movement monitor capabilities this unit impressed angelcrae with its versatility and reliability. This monitor is similar in function to the Babysense 7relying on an under the mattress sensor pad for movement detection, but the similarities stop there as the Babysense has no parent unit or out of the nursery alarm. This monitor has features not found in agelcare competition which makes it a top contender compared to the competition.

This monitor can do it all and negates the need for an additional purchase so you angeldare hear what is happening in baby’s room as well. We feel you would be hard-pressed to find a better unit in this category, and a host of bonus features pushed this one over the top.

This is a similar movement mattress sensor as the AC with what looks to be upgraded features. We have purchased this product and will test it to include in an updated review in the future.

In the meantime, we believe the products to be similar enough that the link in this review takes you to the AC with 2 parent units. The Angelcare AC 4001 a movement and sound monitor and comes ahgelcare a variety of cords that parents need to arrange in a specific fashion to avoid a strangulation hazard. The AC is very reliable and the parent unit helps keep you alerted on everything happening in your baby’s room. Mattress Selection This monitor will not work with all mattress types and cannot be used with hollow core mattresses or any mattress where memory foam will have direct contact with the sensor.

Accessing the aneglcare compartment on the AC is relatively easy but it does require a tool to open the compartment.

Angelcare AC Reviews –

We love that this unit has a battery backup feature! The front screen provides a large temperature readout, a volume meter on the left, and icons to indicate battery life, signal, what sensors are active, and movement. The parent unit on the AC has a complicated button system that requires using the manual and possible Youtube videos to setup making it the most difficult sound monitor to use in the group.

Note that the sensor pad must be placed on a hard surface. With so many parts including a parent unit not pictured the AC is not the most portable unit in the review.