Akai DPS16 At a Glance arrow The DPS16 is definetly a unit to check out when money and space is at a premium- and get one with the Keep those software upgrades coming AKAI! MANUAL DOWNLOADS DSP16 Manual Download. Akai offers a companion product, the DPS16 MESA, which is remote less than hour after opening the box – and without opening the manual!. Akai’s latest entry in the 24/96 category is their DPS16 Digital That’s a good thing, because the pre-release unit I had came without a manual.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents Overview Of The Dps16 Features Of The Dps16 Parts And Functions Internal Ide Hard Disk About External Scsi Devices Connecting A Single Scsi Device Connecting Multiple Scsi Devices Physical Tracks Mqnual Virtual Tracks Sampling Frequency And Bit Resolution The Dps16’s User Interface Using The Display Changing The Settings And Values Entering A Numeric Value Directly Entering Characters Directly Qlmc q-link Mixer Control Recording On The Dps16 Connecting Sound Sources Connecting A Monitor System Connecting A Master Recorder Connecting An External Effect Unit Preparing To Record Formatting A Hard Disk Creating A New Project Recording The First Track Signal Flow During Recording Recording To The First Track Using Locate Points Signal Flow During Overdubbing Signal Manua During Mixdown Using Mixer Mode Completing Operations On The Dps16 Using The Transport Functions Using The [to] Key Using The [from] Key Using Both [to] And [from] Keys Using The [in-out] Key Storing Locate Points Moving To A Locate Point Using The Direct Locate Function Storing Direct Locate Points In Point And Out Point Main Quick Patch Mode Screen Canceling The Patch Erasing The Patch Initializing The Patch Selecting Output Signals Track Mode Screen Basic Operations In V.


Mixer Function mixer Mode Manuaal Mode Screen Control View Page S1 Route – S4 Route send Routing Send1 Lev – Send4 Lev send Level Eq Mid W eq Width Channel View Page Master Section View Global Settings Page Scene Memory Page Storing A Scene Recalling A Scene Erasing A Scene Advanced Technique For Mixing Adding Sounds During Mixdown Applying Eq While Recording Edit Technique edit Mode Using Dpps16 Edit Mode Screen Basic Operations In Edit Mode Various Settings q-link Functions, Setup Aakai Basic Operations Of Q-link Functions What Q-link Functions Offer Auto Punch Function Track View Function Time Display Function Setting A Beat Map Setting A Tempo Map Project Management project Mode What Is A Project Using The Project Mode Screen Selecting A Current Project Erasing A Project Backing Up Projects Backing Up In Multiple Disks Reloading The Backup Project Loading From The Scsi Device Reloading From A Dat Using A Disk disk Mode Using The Disk Mode Screen Updating The Device Information Changing The Self Id Number Selecting The Current Disk Formatting A Disk Defragmenting A Disk Copying Data On The Disk Possible Operations Using Midi Automating The Mixing Operation Using The Effects optional Dps16’s Internal Effects Inserting Effects To Particular Channels