In this case, I think of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho because I associated with them, but I hope you have your own, because the world is a. Born in London in , Ajahn Sucitto entered monastic life in Thailand in He subsequently took bhikkhu ordination there in , but returned to Britain. We are pleased to announce that Ajahn Sucitto, the former abbot of the Cittaviveka (Chithurst) Buddhist Monastery in England, will be visiting.

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Sitting in a field of fifty to eighty people really starts my mind sparking.

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Since I don’t prepare my talks ahead of time, I find myself listening to what I’m saying along with everyone else. This leaves a lot of room for the Dhamma to come up. Just having eighty people listening to me is enough to engage me, stimulate me, and create a nice flow of energy.

The actual process of teaching evokes ideas that even I did not realize were being held somewhere in my mind. Different teaching situations offer their own unique value. In retreat, you are able to build a cohesive and comprehensive body of the teachings.

When people are not on retreat and come for one session, it opens a different window.

They are more spontaneous and I’m given the chance to contact them in ways that are closer to their “daily-life mind. I’m continually struck by how important it is to establish a foundation of morality, commitment, and a sense of personal values for the Vipassana teachings to rest upon. Personal values have to be more than ideas. They have to actually work for us, to be genuinely felt in our lives. We can’t bluff our way into insight.

Ajahn Sucitto

The investigative path is an intimate experience that sucitot our individuality in a way that is not egocentric. Vipassana encourages transpersonal individuality rather than ego enhancement.


It allow for a spacious authenticity to replace a defended personality. The greatest gift is the gift of the teachings. Presence, Whole, Balance 02 Guided Meditation: Sitting at the Root of a Tree Standing meditation – Elements and Directions 03 Aspiration: The Body Seeks Harmony Walking without Headism 05 Dhamma: Where Do I Find Ducitto Human Bodies Walk Like This Include It All Walking Meditation 12 Guided Meditation: Disengaged Awareness 13 Guided Meditation: How to Strive without Getting a Hernia The Occasion for Refuge 17 Walking Instructions: Staying in Flow Qigong Exercises 2 18 Appropriate Attention: Choose Dhamma Kalyanamitta AM Puja: Fourth Tetrad Anapanasati: Release Of The Mind Anapanasati: The Fourth Tetrad – Realization Anapanasati: Include it All, Even S Dhamma Talk on Releasing St Sharing Awareness Closing Session: Guided Meditation on Activations and Mindfulness of Panic an Taking Practice into the World – Part 1 Closing: Being the Center Early Morning Reflections: Releasing the Qualities of the Boundless Heart through E Purification is the aim Evening Talk: M-Elemental Body G.

Ajahn Sucitto » Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Being with Ajshn Guided Meditation: Cultivating Samadhi Guided Meditation: Cultivating the Perception of Impermanence, Part 2 Guided meditation: Energy and Embodiment Guided Meditation: Held by Ground Ahahn Meditation: Letting Go of the Meditator Guided Meditation: The Three Fields of Heart Guided meditation: We Are a Conversation Intro Sasanarakkha: Make your practice extensive, rather than intensive Suctito Introduction Introduction to Retreat: Awakening to Reality Morning Instructions: Wisdom of Embodiment Morning Teaching: Understanding Conditionality Papanca mental proliferationMultiplication.

Awareness, the Fundamental Qu Alignment to opening beyond self Puja: Devotion as a way of bringing citta into personhood Puja: Entering The Sacred Puja: Participation not Observation Puja: A Means for Release Qigong Instructions: Dynamics is almost Everything Ripening spiritual Authority: Free from Obstruction, Free from Intrusion, Free from Listening to the earth with the soles of the feet Standing Meditation Standing Meditation Standing Meditation Standing meditation Standing Meditation Standing Meditation Standing Meditation Standing Meditation Instruction: And where am I?


The qualities of goodwill, compassion, gladness and equanimity can be cultivated to generate a subtle form, a subtle state of consciousness. Abiding and lingering in ajaun qualities, citta sustains consciousness in that mode, sees objects in that light, and experiences itself in that light making human life manageable, fruitful, enjoyable.

Insight Meditation Society – Forest Refuge: Take away the track of conditioned intentions — better, more efficient, goal orientation.

Learn to sense into the intention of the citta wucitto and now. Effort informed by the spiritual faculties is a means to stave off hindrances. The first right effort is to dwell in what is skillful. Our conditioning and underlying programs have us aiming at unattainable benchmarks.

But this only sets us up for suffering. So we practice to purify intention and attention, widening the range of what our citta can bear with and accommodate.

Nourish and strengthen citta through qualities of goodwill, patience and acceptance facilitate disengagement. Then the heart is not troubled by things not ajahhn its way. With devotional practices we choose to direct ourselves in terms of awakening. This is ducitto way we build up a reference ajayn to cultivate and clear the kamma of the person within the field of sangha. We leave the richness and intelligence of embodiment for the virtual world of programs and drives.

Creating a feedback loop to keep citta refreshed and nourished strengthens our ability to meet the uncomfortable. That steady presence becomes the place of regeneration and refreshment.

Can one exist without the other? The habit of clinging stems from a search for safety and security, yet we cling to that which can never provide security. Dharma Seed is a c 3 Non-profit organization.