: A Darker Domain: A Novel (): Val McDermid: Books. When Michelle Gibson reports her father, Mick Prentice, missing at the start of McDermid’s intricate but underwhelming stand-alone psychological thriller, Det. Subject: Question about “A Darker Domain” – warning spoiler. Why at the end when Susan meets Adam, does she say “I’m your gran, I mean.

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Haven’t read the 1st in the series yet but 2, 3 and 4 did not disappoint. Oh this is good, very very good.

Review: A Darker Domain by Val McDermid | Books | The Guardian

I guessed the basic solution 80 pages from the end and skimmed to reach the last jcdermid Unfortunately, the bulk of the tale is written as alternating sections about vql plot — which moreover, to make matters worse, alternate between present day investigative efforts and flashbacks to first-person narrative about things happening two decades ago.

Two cold cases involving the disapparance of family members. She is a master of her craft. However she has domainn hide this from her disapproving boss, Assistant Chief Constable Simon Lees – who’s been nicknamed ‘The Macaroon’ and considered a ‘numpty’ bit of a fool. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While McDermid doesn’t play all of her cards too early, A Darker Domain almost completely runs out of steam once everything is revealed.

This started out promising. The strands of both stories are traced in present time and flashback sswitching between Scotland and Italy and Nottingham, as both Bel and Karen pursue their own leads. But reading this book was a chore. When handed a high-profile case, Pirie heads out to meet with Daker Broderick Maclennan Grant, whose daughter and grandson made headlines in the late s. But I barely got through this book.

Unfortunately, that’s the case with this one. Some of the forensic science is unrealistic i. If that sounds like a huge story, it is.


They mean the Second World War. Worth a listen or read for those who like the Karen Pirrie series. After getting through the first through chapters and getting used to the prose, I was finding myself being drawn in to a very well written mystery.

A Darker Domain

Views Read Edit View history. I actually couldn’t put it down or stop thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it.

Now, plus years later, a freelance journalist named Bel Richmond is vacationing in Italy when she happens upon a clue to the Catriona kidnapping. Now a Detective Inspector with Cold Cases, Pirie is approached by a woman who wishes to report her father missing after twenty-two years. Grant’s daughter and grandson were kidnapped in Which made me wonder why we like one book and not another.

A UK journalist on holiday breaks into an abandoned villa in Italy. There are easier and more elegant solutions to multiple time lines. Val McDermott always provides good suspense. More than two decades ago an heiress named Catriona Maclennan Grant and her infant son Adam were kidnapped.

For all the wars there were before and since, when anyone speaks about the war or even the last warthey don’t mean the Great War, or any of those that might actually qualify as the last one. With all cold cases, answers are sometimes met with frigid responses for all parties involved.

Up until a certain point everything works, and then it just stops working so well.

Two cases from December during the Scottish mining strike come to the surface at the same time. Now a tourist, Bel Richmond, who is also a reporter, has found some important evidence while on vacation in Tuscany. Distrusting of the authorities, Grant liaises with a journalist in hopes that she can use her skills to investigate and hopefully crack the case wide open. The other is the This is another standalone from the talented Val McDermid, who as usual is able to weave together many threads to produce one compelling narrative.


One is the disappearance of a miner who was presumed to have departed with a group of Scabs, but his daughter has discovered that he didn’t go with those men after all. Her father is a last ditch attempt. She agrees to poke around, off the books, already on bad terms with her superior. The novel jumps back and forth between the time of the key events of both cases during the miners’ strike and the current day.

Her place is secure. But at the base of it is a community that was destroyed – to the point where the abnormal was accepted as the normal, and there’s no sign of recovery. During the ensuing exchange, Catriona was shot and killed, leaving the kidnappers to flee with baby Adam.

I have read other work by her and been blown away. Do we need to be surprised, if not wowed, or at least steered into a new direction by either story, voice, or character? It wasn’t just confusing jumping back and forth from crime to crime and from current day to the s, it was annoying. The business oligarch in search of his peace of mind. Pirie gets concurrently sidetracked by a missing person case from roughly that same mcdwrmid frame which earned some exigency because a child seriously ill needing a bone marrow transplant might be able to use the missing man as dqrker donor.